"COOM BAROOOM" - Beach 44th Street Subway Station, Rockaway Line, Queens, New York, USA

in collaboration with Jill Parisi

Client: MTA Arts for Transit
Architect: MTA New York City Transit
Photo credits: Peter Bartsch, Rob Wilson

Technique: Hand-painted coloured vitreous enamels on cast glass blocks

Working with Peters Studios was an extraordinary and delightful experience from start to finish. Although my project was complex with regard to the wide palette and fine detail, Peters fabricated my challenging project and delivered excellent work.

- Jill Parisi, Artist

DESCRIPTION: The region’s flora and fauna inspired these designs. The artist’s plan was to provide light and vibrant color to an otherwise dark location, to give viewers with a long commute a moment of joy and brightness on their way to and from their homes. Some elements were placed near the bottom so that they would be at eye level for children as they walked by the main portion of the piece and up the staircases to either side of the designs on the south facing side. Through the negative spaces in the design, viewers can see the community to the north, and on the south side, the Atlantic Ocean.

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