"CREDO", Dominikuszentrum, Munich, Germany

in collaboration with Andreas Horlitz

Client: Erzbischöfliches Ordinariat München
Photo credits: Andreas Horlitz

Technique: Airbrush, sandblasting a partial gold leaf on safety glass

DESCRIPTION: CREDO IN UNUM DEUM, the beginning of the profession of faith, are legible on the large window of the Dominikuszentrum in northern Munich. Depending on the light, the entire creed can be seen beneath the greyish white letters in the shape of a handwritten document from a 15th-century missal. It can then be rediscovered, on a second level, in a modern typeface. Passers-by and the visitors to this area are not only aware of this message in the tranquil and subdued interior but also in the midst of hectic city life. As a result of the choice of the ecclesiastic universal language Latin and the different levels of writing and type faces, the diversity of a communal whole emerges. The translucency of the glass enables the interior and the exterior to merge. It is this feature alone that makes the work truly comprehensible.

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