"Trigger Picasso Energy" - Hawai’i State Museum Sculpture Garden, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

in collaboration with Carol Bennett

Trigger Picasso Energy is a freestanding sculptural canopy made of stainedglass, gold and silver leaf, aluminum and solar photovoltaic cells. The glass is 48' x 8', in eight sections. The sun projects vibrant dappled patterns beneath that change throughout the day.

Inspiration: The State Fish of Hawai’i is a "trigger" fish - the Humu’ humu’ apu a’a’ - I thought what better Trigger fish for the Art Museum than the "Picasso Trigger"? Trigger is also a verb that means putting something in motion, the title is a play onwords. ...Let’s get creative in our thinking about alternative energy!

Artist: Carol Bennett
Client: Hawai’i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts
Architect: Group 70 International, Inc.

Technique: Photovoltaic cells laminated between two pieces of safety glass with airbrushed enamels and gold leafing.

"It’s a beautiful dance, I lead, Peter’s follows…
then Peter’s leads and I follow. It is indeed a collaboration."

Carol Bennett, Artist

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