"HOPE CLOUD" - LIG Insurance Light Tunnel, Saechon, South Korea

in collaboration with "Daru" Jung Hyang Kim

Client: LIG Insurance
Architect: Gansam Architects & Partners
Photo credits: Sung Min Kim

Technique: Digital printing with enamel handpainting and laminated layers of glass and mirror.

DESCRIPTION: The entry tunnel to LIG HD Center in Sacheon, Korea, integrates LIG’s logo, which symbolizes “Hope Cloud,” with the surrounding environment. The logo has three colors of blue, green and orange. By mixing the logo’s principal colors with the changing presence of nature-inspired images and decorative designs, a sense of hopefulness and harmony is created.

"It was such a pleasure working with Peters Studios. Not only have they executed my concept beautifully, but they worked with my budget without compromising my artistic vision. They were extremely accomodating with my tight deadlines. I would work with them again for my next project."

-"Daru", Jung Hyang Kim, Artist

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