"METAMORPHOSE DNA", Montgelas Park, Munich, Germany

in collaboration with Andreas Horlitz

Architect: Frankonia Eurobau
Photo credits: Andreas Horlitz

Technique: Sandblasting on safety glass

DESCRIPTION: The principle of multi-dimension is an important topic in this installation. On the one hand the patterns on the glass are images from DNA sequences. They come from different sources and can be seen as a passe-partout of the human DNA in general. On the other hand there is a system of dots in primaly aesthetic experience and it serves as well as a blinds. LEDs and floodlights illuminate the glass and mirror words. The result is a range of different moods, degrees of legibility and transformations depending on the weather and the light. The glasses protect the office people working behind, but at the same time they allow the light to pass through and it shows glazes from the interior. En passant a completely new feeling is created to experience space and views.

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