"WATER SERIES: LANIKUHONUA/ANIANIKU"- Ronald T.Y. Moon Judiciary Complex, Kapole, USA

in collaboration with the artist Doug Young

Client: Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts
Architect: Architects Hawaii
Photo credits: Doug Young

Technique: Airbrushed enamels and slumped glass combined into insulated glass units.

DESCRIPTION: Sense of place for the new Judiciary Complex: Within the Hawai’ian culture, Kanawai is the word used for justice and law. The root word, Wai, is water. Water rights, usage and how it flows from mountains to sea is so vital to sustain life. The calm healing water images of Anianiku (integrated in 5 window bays) are reflected from a protected coastline cove in the ahupua’a of Honouliuli (Kapolei).

"All commissioned work is a collaboration: the artist has a general vision, the glass art fabricator offers the ways and means to interpret it. We went through many techniques and samples throughout the year and the Peters Studio, the staff and the studio family were always open, patient and enthusiastic on trying directions and combinations of technique never tried before. In the end, the final product exceeded both our visions."

- Doug Young, Artist

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