"VICTORIA MIRROR"- Private home, Düsseldorf, Germany

in collaboration with Stefan Godecki

Client: Private
Photo credits: Stefan Godecki

Technique: Hot slumped mirrored safety glass

"I enjoy experimenting. I paint on glass, aluminium or plexiglass-glass. Now I have added mirrors. I allow them to be painted and use them to reinvent not only rooms but also objectivity. Every observer is an individual artist, through every movement. That is what fascinates me so much.“

– Stefan Godecki, Artist

DESCRIPTION: Glass mirror art, reflections and deformation – surreal reality. The Victoria Mirror is a unique project, it is 25mq big. The environment in which it is exposed, with wide windows allowing light to come in and a fabulous garden outside creates a very intensive sensual communication. The big windows help to bring in light, and the world outside which is reflected and reshaped by the object and constantly changes as weather & season change. Thanks to this natural process there is additional movement to the already structured art work.
The various perspectives create inspiration, curiosity and strength to discover life with an open attitude. As you change your angle of perspective the mirror changes with you, giving you infinite answers.It is a thrilling path of discovery where the rational mind no longer dictates how things are or should be.

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