"INDEX"- Highland Hills Branch Library, Dallas, Texas, USA

in collaboration with Letitia Huckaby

Client: Office of Cultural Affairs, City of Dallas
Architect: KAI Texas
Photo credits: Letitia Huckaby

Technique: MultipleAirbrushed and screen-printed colored vitreous enamels permanently applied to float glass and assembled into an insulated glass unit. layers of airbrushed enamels on safety glass.

It has been my great pleasure to work with Peters Studios, and I consider them a part of my team. We have worked together on two projects thus far and I can’t imagine taking on another contract without them by my side.

- Letitia Huckaby, Artist

DESCRIPTION: "Index" is defined as an indicator, sign, or measure of something. Index cards were used in libraries before computers became so readily available, to help patrons find what they were looking for. It was a physical representation of another object.

This piece was designed to be an index of the Highland Hills community. The silhouettes on each panel are photographic representations of members of the community screen printed onto glass in layers and kiln fused together.

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